What an asshat

(Via the Drudge Report)

Apparently believing that New York City and it’s values are the totality of the United States, Bloomberg has decided to attempt forcing his gun control agenda further down the throats of everyone who is too stupid to live in NYC.

Mayor, I’m sure the NRA will, in some small way, appreciate your efforts.  My check to raise my membership to Patron level is going in the mail to day.

Gunnies, remember that this is a fight and that the other side hates us.  They don’t hate our guns, they hate us.  They hate the fact that we exist and they hate the fact that we will not bend to their will.  If it were up to them, they’d round us up and send us to the camps right now.

Keep writing to your various political representatives, even if there is no hope they’ll vote our way.  If you have it, donate to pro-gun groups such as the NRA or the GOA.  Talk to your friends.  Introduce someone to shooting to help inoculate them against the lies.  This is the fight of our lives and possibly for our lives.  We can, will and must win.

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