Let me toss something out there to scare you out of your wits

Please step over to Tam’s site and look at this post.  Feel free to read it if you want, but I just need you to look at the picture.

Now, I want you to consider this.  Roughly half the people in the US own firearms, and it’s only a subset of those who have went out the last few weeks and bought the shelves of pretty much every store that sells ammo bare.  That’s because not every one who owns a gun is a shooter.  It’s only those of us who like to hear things go “Bang!” a lot, plus some folks who are afraid that they may never get to buy more or who never bought it in the first place who’ve done this.

Imagine something hitting the news along the lines of this:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we break into your regularly scheduled programming for this announcement.  The Food and Drug Administration has discovered that terrorists have contaminated the output of a number of food processors, meat packing plants and other food production facilities.  Because of this threat to the public health, food shipments from all food processing facilities will be halted until the safety of the food supply can be ensured.”

Just how long do you think it will take for your local grocery store to look like this?  That is if the riot to get in the store and stock up on food doesn’t lead to it’s outright looting and/or burning?  Because it isn’t going to be some fraction, even a sizable fraction, of people trying to buy food.  It’s going to be everyone + dog.

You think you’ve seen a crowd and panic buying at gun shows lately?  Yeah right.  If this happens, it will get ugly at warp speed.

If you’re not one of the lucky first hundred people to get there, what will you do?  How will you feed yourself and your family for the days, possibly weeks, it will take to get things back to normal?

Just something to think about.  Got your preps in line yet?

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