Again, apologies for a continuing lack of bloggage.  I have been fighting (as has Mrs. Freeholder and Son; Daughter has been insulated by distance) some unholy spawn of an upper respiratory creeping crud.  It starts as a cold, then settles into a sinus infection that wants to grow up to be bronchitis or walking pneumonia when it grows up.  The stuff is made of of equal parts suck, fail and yuck.

As a buddy of mine in high school once said, “I feel like Death sucking on a cracker.”

It’s also proving to be intractable.  You think you’re over it and  a week later it’s back again.  Mrs. Freeholder is on her third bout since just before Christmas, I’m on my second since mid-January and Son goes to the doctor today.  The doctor and pharmacist are probably going to freaking Jamaica or somewhere, and my money is going with them.

The worst of it is that we all have to keep going to work or school, unless we run an actual fever, which happens occasionally.  But by the time we complete that task, we’re pretty much done for the day.  We do well to eat and get the basic household chores done before collapsing.  Hell, I need a nap to get to the bed so I can sort of sleep.

I don’t know how long to warm weather, and I’m always wary of “wishing my life away” as my Dad said, but it can’t get here soon enough.  Not going to be really soon however, the weather forecast is for more cool/cold/wet weather for at least another week.

In the meantime, I”ll nag you to go beat on the Congresscritters, and judging by the news from many states, you’d better start on the locals as well.  Gun grabbers, as with rust, never sleep.

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