Dealing with the police state

For any number of reasons, we’re seeing an increase of, for lack of a better description, hard-ass cops who think they are the law–and the judge and jury as well (executioner available in CA during manhunts only; may be occasionally available in other states if you are of the Canine-American persuasion).

We’ve seen the videos and heard the stories; I’ve posted enough about them.  I’m not saying that every cop is like this, it’s demonstrably true that most aren’t, otherwise we’d all have our own personal story to tell.  But it’s happening more and more, and it’s worrisome from a lot of angles.

It’s been said that we commit 3 felonies a day, usually without knowing it.  There are so many laws on the books that it’s more likely that one could understand the tax code than the US Code these days.

So what do you do when Officer Not-So-Friendly pulls you over and is determined to have you out of the car, cuffed, stuffed and watching him and his BFFs dismantle your car looking for one of those 3 felonies?  Well, you can’t physically resist (I guess you could, but the outcome is guaranteed to be unpleasant for you), but you can take a stand on your rights and hope you don’t have one of the violent ones, just one that will push you and try every trick in the Bad Cop, No Doughnut Handbook.

SurvivalBlog has the easy-to-memorize version of how to defend your rights on the side of the road (penned by Rawles himself) and 2 of his loyal readers have offered useful suggestions on the deployment of his suggestions as well as DIY dashboard cameras.

How did we allow our country get to the point where we need information like this?

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