Beating a dead horse, part umpteen

(First link via the Drudge Report)

In the near-gunless paradise of Chicago, at least 9 people were shot in the early hours of the new year.  Looks like Rahmland is going for another record.

In California, another realm where the gun is unwelcome, 2 dead and 3 hurt.

I suspect if I looked for a while longer, I could come up with a full page of these stories from last night.  However, listing them isn’t the real point here.

What I would like to point out is that these crimes involving guns happened in jurisdictions that already have some of the tightest firearms laws in the US.  All those laws didn’t prevent a gun being used in commission of the crime.

If the gun grabbers had magically taken all my guns, all my magazines and all my ammo yesterday, these crimes would still have happened.  That would hold true if the same had happened to all the law-abiding gun owners in the US last night.  That’s because criminals commit crimes–it’s what they do.  And they will do it with guns, knives, clubs or their bare hands when necessary.  They prefer to do it in places where people tend to be unarmed, since they tend to dislike having their blood leak out of their bodies.

Obviously, they have no problem if their victims’ blood leaks out, however.

So, dear gun grabbers, let’s try a novel idea–let’s punish the criminals using the laws on the books.  Even better, lets start tossing the folks in jail for non-violent offenses out (to be dealt with in a different manner than incarceration) and filling the jails up with the violent criminals, who will spend their entire sentence in jail, preferably making large rocks into small rocks, which you may feel free to use in Obama’s incessant road-building projects.

Just a thought.

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