Could it be this easy?

(Via Timebomb 2000)

I spent a good deal of last week and this week (up until Christmas day) in the comments sections of a string of articles on the Charlotte Pravda Observer that seemed tailor-made to give advocates for gun grabbing a forum to air their views and gather their feeble- like-minded fellow travelers so the lot of them could gin themselves up into a frenzy.  I dispensed facts and opinions that I could support by evidence, along with as much Alinski-esque ridicule as I could get away with and not make my posts appear mean-spirited.

This morning, my first top was that publication, prepared to take up the battle again.  But there was not battle to be joined, because there were no articles on guns.  WTF?

This guy thinks we may have already won.  I hope he’s right.  But stay on guard, because even if we win the battle, the war for freedom is never over.  And I’m still unconvinced we’ve won the battle just yet.

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