Difficult to believe, but apparently true

I had something whiz across my Facebook page this weekend–someone had heard on Tom Gresham’s radio program GunTalk that the Wounded Warrior Project (no link, you’ll see why in a bit) had refused to participate in an event where guns were present.  I figured that someone had misunderstood, and not seeing the gun portion of the blogosphere blow up I figured that was it.

Listening to the podcast of the show this morning, I heard the portion of the show concerning this.  Sure enough, the Wounded Warrior Project had turned down an opportunity to appear at aHAVA event because, o-o-oh ick, guns were present.

Being an advocate for doing my own homework, I decided to do so.  I found these two things on the Wounded Warrior web site:

When organizing a fundraiser or event to benefit Wounded Warrior Projectâ„¢ (WWP), please bear in mind we do not support any fundraiser that is of a sexual, political, religious nature, or exchange of firearms or alcohol.

Before submitting a letter of interest, please read through our FAQs
to ensure your organization will be eligible for a WWP grant. The
following opportunities are not eligible for WWP funding:


If you’re on Facebook (may work if you’re not; I’m not sure),here’s Gresham’s side of the story.  Short version is that he got in touch with PR drone Leslie A. Coleman, asked if this was their actual policy and had it confirmed.

Our position regarding firearms and alcohol is in response to the
struggles that many injured service members face with substance abuse
and suicide and the roles those items often play in those issues.

WTF?  This is the same sort of BS that we’re fed when the gungrabbers have another try at our rights–blame the item used, not the user.

What we have here appears to be yet another organization that believes that Lord of the Rings was a documentary, not a work of fiction.  I’m way past tired of that crap.

It’s also an organization that has gotten the last donation they’ll be getting from me.  I’ll find someone else doing similar work–someone who is at least not hostile to my civil rights–to donate to.  You folks do what you think is right.

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