Welcome to these new United States

79 year old Korean War veteran.  Son is in Afghanistan on his 4th deployment.  Collects and sells “junk” (which if you watch “American Pickers”, the stuff in the picture looks a lot like what they buy to resell) in order to pay the bills (because $900/month in social security just doesn’t seem to be enough…).

Neighbors are OK with the situation, but the Lord High Code Enforcement Officer isn’t.  Hauled off before the court, he gets 30 days in the hole.  Yeah, he’s not exactly a choir boy.  So what?  At least he isn’t relying on the government.  The man deserves a medal, not a jail sentence.  We ought to be holding him up saying “SEE?  This is how it’s done!”  Instead, we send him to jail.

Read it and weep.  Pay particular attention to the words of the Lord High Code Enforcement Officer and His (dis)Honor.  This is what justice in the United States has become.  Sure, it isn’t this way everywhere–just like we didn’t used to have militarized police using SWAT teams to serve warrants in Podunk–but we’ll get there.

They call it “progress”.  God save us from progress.

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