What is it with fund raisers?

I have a number of causes that I donate to on a fairly regular basis. And it almost never fails that they will spend what appears to be the full amount of my last donation attempting to get me to donate more. I only have one who has never done that, and of all groups it’s my local humane society.

Around 25% of the time, I get so annoyed with a group that I simply stop donating to them at all. I just got off the phone with a nice gentleman calling on the behalf of the NRA. This is the second call, on a Sunday no less, in 2 weeks. I had to stop him and ask to please be added to their do not call list. It isn’t that I haven’t donated to the NRA lately; I have. However, they want more so we can elect Romney to save us all from Obama. As anyone who’s been reading me lately knows, I consider that a fool’s errand at best, and I’m having no part of it.

How the NRA got my number is beyond me. I’m an Endowment member, and I know I didn’t give it to them. It’s unlisted, so they sure didn’t look it up. Goggle doesn’t know what to make of it, and if I ego surf my name all you get in the top 100 results is my ham radio call sign info. I love having a name similar to a modestly famous person; I get to hide in the noise of his existence. While I have no illusion of being truly anonymous, I do try to protect my privacy.

Why do fund raisers continue to persist in this behavior? Does it actually work? Do people give them money in what is surely a vain attempt to keep them at bay? I would seriously like to know. Hell, I’d guarantee each of my chosen charities twice the amount I donate each year if they would simply agree to contact just once per year and remind me it’s time to donate.

Speaking of which, the local humane society could probably use some more from me. I’ll give them what I’m not giving the NRA.

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  1. I haven't donated to the NRA for years due to just this reason. If I ever donate to a pro-firearms lobby again it will be to the Gun Owners of America. My friend left NRA and found that GOA doesn't waste his donations on junk mail to him.

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