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Back when I used to frequent gun boards and survival boards, there was a question that came up every so often–“Would law enforcement/the military take our guns if they were ordered to do so?”

Before Hurricane Katrina, most folks, myself included, said that the answer was “no”. After Hurricane Katrina and in the face of damning visual evidence to the contrary, I among many had to conclude that the question now had an irrefutable answer, and it was not “Yes”, but “Hell yes they will!”

In American Cop Magazine, Roy Huntington recently asked this question again. While it is the Intertubz and no one knows you’re a dog, some of the comments on the editorial are frightening. If we take what is written at face value, then there is some subset of law enforcement and the military that will confiscate our guns if ordered to do so.

That’s something to consider as you prep for whatever it is that is coming toward us. If the local constabulary shows up on your doorstep and pushes their way into your house without a warrant in order to confiscate your guns–or your food, water, precious metals, etc.–what are you going to do? Will you try to fight? Will you stand aside and let them do their dirty work? Will you have something handy to give them–“Yes sir, Officer Friendly, I wanna be a good citizen and here’s my evil bolt-action single shot .22!” while quietly memorizing every detail for future action? Will you have spares stashed in places other than your house?

It’s a sign of the times and how far we have sunk as a society that we even consider these things. The great experiment that was the United States is taking on water, and it seems the pumps aren’t able to keep up with it. If the salvage tugs don’t show up soon…are those shark fins?

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