As I noted this time last week, The Freehold has been in something of a time of troubles. As is the way of the universe, things change.

Mrs. Freeholder got a clean bill of health this week, at least as far as scary bad things go. This is an unmitigated Good Thing. She still has some issues that bear watching, but “Welcome to Getting Old”. And, all things considered, it does beat the alternative.

I’m back on Synthroid and so far, so good. I am crossing my fingers and watching carefully for the early warning signs of another bout of what I am terming “morning sickness”.

The world continues along its path. I still feel like it’s page 581 of Atlas Shrugged, but outside of making the preparations I can, there realistically isn’t much to do but watch. I have left a long comment over at Tam’son a post of hers that pretty much sums up my plan of action, not only for today, but going forward as well. I direct you there because there’s some good reading in the comments on that particular post.

Now get out of here and go enjoy Father’s Day. I am.

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