The lack of free ice cream

I can tell by the declining page counts (like they were ever that high to begin with) that the lack of posting around here is resulting in less traffic. Since some of you have been reading what I have to say for a good while, I thought an explanation was in order.

No, I’m not dead. Somewhat sick, yes. I’ve been fighting hypothyroidism for some time (runs in the family, unfortunately), and it’s finally gotten bad enough that I’ve had to go on levothyroxine–synthetic thyroid hormone. For most folks, they take it, eventually the correct level is established and they can get on with their lives. Not so much for me; I had a rather nasty reaction to the stuff, and am now winding up a 30 day reset period before we can try again. Of course, the symptoms are back with a vengeance. No energy, no motivation and I’m totally over having migraines, plus other less serious ones that you just put up with.

Mrs. Freeholder has also been suffering from health problems. A decade post menopause, she suddenly started having what used to be known as “female problems”. A visit to the doctor and a lot of fear later, the utter worst has been ruled out. We await the final test results, but the Good Doctor has already told her that she will be missing certain parts of her anatomy before summer is over–it’s just a question of how many at this point.

Additionally, I’m totally over the national and international situation as it is. I just don’t have the energy to work up a good case of pissed off at the latest statist nonsense, and how often does anyone need to point out that we are living through Atlas Shrugged at this late date? Only the truly blind can miss it.

Similarly, the world economic situation is also on the “I’m over it” list. It seems to have become obvious, even to some of the folks at CNBC, that something is way wrong and that the powers at be are either clueless about why it started and how to stop it or, worse yet, may be actively encouraging it for reasons of their own. No matter which view (or any other view, for that matter) is correct, all us peons are in for hard times, and probably damn soon. Your time to get the beans, bullets and bandaids stocked up is getting short.

And lastly, we’re having some major home improvements done. I’m not physically up to doing them and likely won’t be for a long time (“if ever,” he grumped), so I decided while someone will still provide me with goods and services for these funny green pieces of paper, I’d get the Freehold itself tuned up so that when things are bad, we won’t have to worry about ugly bathrooms or the deck falling off the house.

So I’m just noting those things, usually having to do with guns, that really feel worth blogging, get blogged at this point.

Life isn’t all bad, litany of complaints above not withstanding. I can still get up in the mornings, go to work, get things accomplished and earn my keep. I’m still able to accomplish some tasks around the place, minor though they are right now. But I’m reserving the energy for the things that are most important right now, and as a rule, blogging ain’t on the list.

2 thoughts on “The lack of free ice cream

  1. Blogging is about commenting on life. Sometimes it's just not worth the effort. I will continue to check in to see if there is anything new, but take care of first things first and work on getting well.

  2. I take synthroid myself so I understand the lack of energy!All is well with you and the Mrs soon!


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