Like small 9s?

If you’re a fan of small (and usually inexpensive) 9 mm pistols for concealed carry, Bersa has a new entry into the field that you may want to have a look at. The Tactical Wire has the, ahem, skinny.

I like the small 9s for concealed carry, and I’m looking at having more than the one I have. I’ve looked at the Kahr CM-9, but the lack of a spare magazine and the cost and lack of easily available spare mags have me leary of it just now. Having 2 magazines out of the box gives this one an edge with someone like me who prefers to have it useful out of the box (after break-in and proving with my carry ammo, of course).

I know that some gun bloggers deride the choice, but once again, here’s my take on the entire argument (just to save myself the emails):

  • Rule #1 of gunfighting is “Have a gun.” While I’m not out looking to get into a fight, this is also sound advice for CCW holders, and it’s easier to follow when concealed carrying something that is small and light. Convenience counts–how many things do you lug around on a dialy basis that you find difficult or obnoxious to carry?
  • “It’s not enough gun/the caliber isn’t big enough/whatever.” Really? If you think it’s not enough gun, will you stand in front of Mr. Bad Guy and let him send the 8 rounds it carries your way? With good ammunition meant for the purpose (Federal Hydra-Shok is my choice, but Hornady and others make equally good ammo), it’s enough unless Mr. Bad Guy has body armor. And that eventuality, boys and girls, is why we practice failure to stop drills.
  • “8 rounds isn’t enough.” Carry a spare magazine. Carry a New York Reload (also known as a spare gun). Most self defense shootings involving folks like us are rarely in excess of 2 or 3 rounds.

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