Another one gone

I read that we’re losing over 5,000 veterans of World War II per day. And it sucks every damn time.

Rest easy, soldier.

4 thoughts on “Another one gone

  1. Amazing how many people need to hide being a dick behind being anonymous on the Intertubz. AT least I'm "The Freeholder" everywhere I go.

    I said… "I once read". I didn't quote it as a fact. But if you want a fact, then hike your sorry ass over here:

    Oh, and one more thing. Men like Buck Compton fought and died to ensure your freedom. Try being worthy of the sacrifice for a change.

  2. I meant to say check the math. Its your blog you can say whatever you want. How do you know that Buck Compton really did anything in WWII.You Neo-cons kill me. Go wrap yourself in the flag of this imperialistic country. Mitt Romney needs you. What a Maroon.

  3. "Neo-con". Jeeze–read the blog much?

    Oh, by the way–you're still a dick. Thanks for proving it.

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