Armageddon Medicine has arrived

The Friendly FedEx Man dropped off my copy of Armageddon Medicine–594 pages of medical goodness.

I haven’t looked through it yet, except for a quick flip. The book is very information dense–few if any graphics, very text heavy.

Daughter, who has some medical background, has given it a decent look (about 90 minutes worth). She says it’s well-written and is simple enough that a non-medical type should be able to follow it. She was surprised at some of the information in there, apparently including a surgical kit. I explained to her that was not so much for the non-medical type to use so much as it is to have on hand in case you have one handy who happens to be without the tools of the trade.

More when I have time to do better. The new job is seriously kicking my fat old derriere.

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