Slow(er) blogging likely

My already reduced posting pace may be getting slower for some time to come. Outside of being in the midst of the holiday season (My aching wallet!), yesterday was the culmination of a quest that has lasted several years–I have found gainful employment in the private sector and have turned in my notice at my government job! Yes, one less leach siphoning off the body public–at least until they hire a replacement.

I took the job many years ago, when the group I worked for generally flew below the notice of those in the state’s seat of power and was largely self-funding (through the sale of tickets to what is essentially a tourist attraction owned by the government). As time passed, the nature of the funding largely changed, and with government money came the inevitable government strings–to the point that, about 3 years ago, I found myself unwilling transferred from those for whom I had always worked for to another group, peopled in large part by idiots who did not care if they gave good service or not. (In other words, typical government employees.)

The new job is in a very different area of endeavor. For me, it’s a promotion, a pay raise, somewhat better benefits, a loss of a retirement plan (hey, no pain, no gain), more responsibility and a much nicer environment to work in. I get an office to myself!

I’m currently working my notice, and will shortly be transitioning to the new employer. That means some long hours are in store, my family obligations will be slighted and so on. Slower blogging will be a part of that situation.

However, I’m really enthused about this move. It always felt funny to be against big government yet be a part of it. Now, I’m going to be able to bellow loud and long about it, and not feel a little like a hypocrite.

Just as soon a I get settled in, get my feet under me and get things organized.

(Take a pass on the political baggage associated with the song and you’ll get what I mean.)

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