Well, not exactly my style, but…

(Via Gun Talk)

Many women who wish to carry a concealed weapon face a big problem–how? For men, it’s not so bad. We wear pants and belts, so we get larger pants and heavier belts, and go to an inside the waistband (IWB) holster. Or we get a heavier belt and leave our shirt tails out and just carry on our belt. Or we buy a bunch of Hawaiian shirts (my favorite in summer). Or we dream up something else. Point being that we males have lots of options.

For the average woman, not so much. Many women wear clothes that do not lend to these practices, I’m happy to say. However, they still want to protect themselves. Up until now, they had few choices, the most “popular” of which were handbags that appeared to be designed by guys who wanted a damn strong bag to carry that gun in. I’ve seen more attractive stuff in a saddlery shop. (I’m not picking on these folks; they just had the misfortune to be the first example Google brought up. There are plenty out there who are just as…unfeminine.)

Enter Designer Concealed Carry. Handbags that look like what my wife or daughter carry, but with those extra features necessary for those who carry a pistol in one. Not cheap, but quality rarely is. If you’re a female in the market, or you know one who is, this may be a good option for them to check out.

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