A smile on my face

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Mountain Man (the guy who really needs to get back to his blogging) and myself have occasionally discussed how we want things handled in the event of our death. I figured on shooting at my range, followed Skeen Burgers on the grill and appropriate beverages for all participants, in lieu of the usual funeral or memorial service. If someone wants to have the preacher say some words before the fun starts, that’s fine by me. Heck, maybe the radio club can operate a special events station–W4GUN, perhaps?

I have long since decided to be cremated, although the question of what to do with the ashes has been a bit of a quandary–no urn on the mantle for me! I had finally settled on sprinkling some at the range, some at the golf course, and anything left over in the woods behind our house if we’re still living there. (Yes, I’m aware that there are BS “legal niceties” about such things. In a way, this is my last way of telling our government to go pound sand.)

But now, some of me can truly go out with a bang. I just wonder if I can get the range to relax the prohibition on Class III guns for an afternoon–because I’d damned sure love to have it done via Tommy Gun!

One thought on “A smile on my face

  1. I know. I plan to. I'm sorry.

    $850 sounds a bit steep for me, I'm still hoping the wife will get the Confederates to send me out via cannon during the next reenactment at Laurel Hill, but not sure she's comfortable with creamation.

    Of course, with Obozo in office, it all might be a moot point. We might not have the luxury of a choice soon.

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