The family that shoots together

Survives the Zombie Apocalypse!

Yesterday was our last chance to shoot together as a complete family before various schools and jobs demand out attention again. In deference to Mrs. Freeholder, who is a relatively new shooter and still somewhat recoil sensitive, we stuck to .22s. Well, there was this one .38 that snuck in, which Son commandeered.

From the photographs we can note that A) Criminey, I’m getting to be a Fat Old Man who will consistently slip back to holding the foregrip; B) Son, despite being taught the Isosceles Stance since he started shooting pistols almost instinctively adopts a Weaver Stance (just like his old man); C) Daughter dresses appropriately for range time in Tactical Black; and D), I’m never going to break Mrs. Freeholder of leaning back with a gun.

And E), I need to find an instructor who gives group rates.

2 thoughts on “The family that shoots together

  1. Best instructor in the world: Jack Bauer.

    Just watch Jack, and what ever he does, do the opposite.


  2. Don't know what it is with women leaning back to shoot. My wife does it as well and I have observed several other women shooters doing the same thing. I know it can be overcome practice, but that is not as common as it should be.

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