Another happy ending

A woman shot and killed one of two men who forced their way into the house at 2404 Finchley Drive, near the intersection of Eastway Drive and Shamrock Road, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. The incident took place around 9:30 a.m.

One thing to note here folks–the time of day. This wasn’t at night, it wasn’t in the evening, it was at 9:30 AM. Most home invasions I see are in the evening or at night. I don’t know if it means things are getting worse or it means nothing at all.

But it sure tells me that I need to be on my guard all the time. It’s easy to let it slip a bit during the daylight hours, because “everyone knows” that the buys guys do their dirty work at night.

As I found out when my house was broken into and as this lady found out, it ain’t necessarily so.

2 thoughts on “Another happy ending

  1. More and more home invasions are being done by meth addicts, and the norm for them is to use the drug and be up for days- plural- and while under the influence or immediately after they are liable to do anything. Not only do they not care if it is day or night, they may well not have any idea what time it is…

  2. All the break-ins that happen to people I know in the city happen during daylight hours when they think people are at work.

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