Um-m-m, maybe not so much

Whilethe situation at Fukushima is not great, it is not “OMG RUN FOR THE HILLS WE’RE ALL GONNA GLOW!!!” The damage is contained, the core (such as it now is) is cooled and the cleanup (or more likely, encapsulation) can begin. There are water leaks to be tracked and a huge amount of contamination to assess and deal with. But end of the world has been postponed–indefinitely.

Invaluable lessons will be learned and incorporated into the next generation of plants, and probably retrofitted into existing plants as far as possible. At least it will work this way overseas; here in the US I fear we’ll all freeze in the dark before we allow more nukes to be built.

Sorry to disappoint you, econutz. Better luck next time.

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  1. Its also important to remember that the quake didnt cause the reactor to fail, it was the tsunami. The major underlying lesson here is that plants just need to be built far inland.

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