So who’s in a world of hurt now?

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Mitchell Crooks filmed Las Vegas PD officers involved in an arrest at the house across the street. He suffered quite a beatdown for being guilty of “contempt of cop”.

Officer Friendly, aka Derek Colling, was on his way to the jail with his perps when he spotted Crooks filming him. Taking time from his busy evening, he stopped and questioned Crooks. Crooks (who now knows that this was a really stupid thing to do) smart-assed Officer Friendly. Officer Friendly then delivered the beatdown, which Crooks managed to partially capture with his camera.

Crooks was charged with battery on a police officer and obstruction of justice, but 4 days later the charges were dropped. Given that his camera had been confiscated, I guess someone decided to watch the tape and had a serious “oh shit” moment.

Crooks, through an attorney, is now demanding $500,000 for damages, pain and suffering.

Colling’s status is unknown at this time. Unemployed and in jail awaiting trial would be about right, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Like the rest of our government, the police, at least some of them, are out of hand. Those that are are putting the rest of their fellow officers in harms way, because people like me no longer know whether or not we can trust them. A lot of folks are becoming downright (but subtly) hostile toward the police at large. These are not good things if you want to have a civilized society.

I’ve raised all kinds of cain about the change from peace officer to law enforcement officer, and the continuing militarization of police forces across the country. So have other folks. No one is listening.

I’m waiting for the first report of people turning away when a cop gets shot right in front of them. Mark my words, if this keeps up, it will happen. And probably be caught on video.

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  1. I work with cops all day, every day. Most are good men with whom I would trust my life, individually. But when three get together, they will follow a good or bad leader without question. Each one is afraid to question the order in front of the others, be it "Knock down that door" right up to "This punk needs a fat lip".

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