Maybe we could just leave it shut down?

A government shutdown is on the table if Congress fails to reach an agreement on spending cuts, a freshman GOP congressman told Fox News on Friday, making him one of the few Republicans to publicly raise the possibility.

“I think nothing’s off the table at this point,” Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina said, warning that uncontrolled spending will inevitably lead to an impasse — and ultimately a shutdown.

“Can the American government sustain the level of spending that we have today?” Scott asked. “There’s no question that a shutdown is coming, whether we do it today or whether we do it in 20 years.”

While I’m sure there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the statists out there, the last time this happened, I didn’t really note any problems in my life. Neither did any of the folks I ever asked.

A Federal “shut down” hardly is what the name implies, as such “necessary” activities such as law enforcement, national defense and the like continue on. Perhaps we could get a list of the activities that are curtailed by this shut down business, and since they aren’t “necessary”, shut them down permanently?

Just thinkin’ out loud here.

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