(Via Timebomb2000)

Warning, you might want to get out a tinfoil hat before reading this one. 🙂 (On second thought, after proofreading this, you might want to go for a whole-body tinfoil suit.)

But you have to wonder why “an engineer and chief technology officer of Overwatch Systems, Ltd. {a company that} “delivers multi-source intelligence (multi-INT), geospatial analysis and custom intelligence solutions to the Department of Defense, national agencies and civilian organizations,” is building what could easily be called a modern-day castle in the Ozarks.

What does he know (or think he knows) and/or what is he afraid of? And given the size of the place, how many people are going to be living there after some “event”? While the local zoning folks may have specified that “the structure can only be occupied by one family at a time,” who thinks that would be enforced in some post “big terrible event” world that could or would be enforced?

One almost has to wonder if the big guys at Overwatch Systems are thinking of becoming the local feudal lords after some sort of apocalypse that they’re expecting.

Pretty curious if you ask me.

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