Not much to say

Apologies for the lack of blogging, but I’m caught between real world demands, a mild case of “doom burn out” and being left near-speechless at the near insanity of it all. I mean…

We have the TSA and Uberbansturmfuhrer Big Sis, along with Little Brother Pistole, apparently caving in on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (I’ve seen a number of reports of Nude-O-Scans being mysteriously closed down, coupled with reports of reduced crowds, at least a some airports), then threatening to give it to us longer and harder at bus terminals and train stations.

Ireland, hat in hand, is going to do whatever they have to (local and international consequences be damned) in order to get the EU and the IMF to bail them out. Spain is rumored to be next, and the EU is starting to show some cracks. How long until Germany decides that it’s through funding the financially ill-behaved nations of Europe?

Intertubz gadfly Julian Assange decides to declare war on the world at large (and the US in particular) because it doesn’t meet his standards of behavior. Inexplicably, he is still above room temperature. How many people and countries can you piss off before someone decides that you’re better off dead? I hear he may be going after the banks next. (Link via Drudge.) That ought to be entertaining.

Judging from what I’m seeing from my own state capital and from Washington, neither side gets the message that was sent earlier this month. It appears that, barring a miracle, it’s going to be politics as usual. Great. Now I have to work at voting a completely different bunch of bastards out.

And let’s not forget the little issue of the Korean peninsula. After all, how dangerous could an unstable nation with even less stable leadership be? What are they going to do–pop a nuke?

Throw in our own economy, and…geeze. I feel like cleaning out the local grocery and gun stores, and having a contractor in to start pouring the bunker complex.

Here’s hoping for a better mood (and muse) later this week.

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