It’s very simple, actually

Here’s the situation. Your once lucrative job isn’t so lucrative any more. As a matter of fact, you’ve lost nearly 25% of your pay because the economy sucks and business is way off. No improvement is in sight. Your lifestyle was structured such that you spent every dollar that came in to maintain a given standard of living. For the last couple of years, you’ve tapped your savings and occasionally your friends to keep that standard of living. Now, your saving are gone and your friends aren’t going to loan you any more money.

So, do you cut back, stop spending, maybe sell a few prized but unnecessary possessions, or do you complain about your lot in life and how unfair it all is–maybe even stick up a liquor store or two?

If you’re the State of North Carolina, it’s the second choice. Plus, you discuss raising taxes, fees, admission rates and so on. Why, we can’t possibly cut back!

It’s a pity that decorating trees with politicians has went so out of style.

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