Well, this Hope isn’t even lasting as long a The Big O’s

Yesterday, Republicans in the NC House elected a relative political newcomer, Thom Tillis of Mecklenberg County, as Speaker of the House. Good move, bad move, indifferent move I can’t say for sure. Early results say “bad move”.

Tillis has went on record proposing to water down the power of the position “and the GOP majority also would reach across the aisle to involve Democrats.

Obviously, this guy doesn’t get the message that the electorate is sending. We The People (by around a 2-to-1 margin) are fed up with The Evil Party. We’re also fed up with The Stupid Party. In North Carolina, as in the nation at large, the polices of both have led us to the brink of ruin. If we want to restore the promise that was “these United States of America”, then we had better get on with it. Stupid reaching out to Evil isn’t going to get the job done.

“We’re still going to cooperate with the Democrats whenever we can,” he said. “In the past that was out of necessity, because it was the way to get our bills passed. But in the future we’ll do it because it’s good government. We don’t have a monopoly on all the good ideas.”

Yeah, at this point that’s pretty obvious. For the first time in 112 years there is an actual chance of getting some of the long-standing political buddy-buddy shit out of state government, to wring out some of the corruption, and you guys decide to buddy-buddy up with the corruption.


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