Government-think at the local level

Moscow on the Catawba (also known as Charlotte, NC) wants light rail/mass transit/other expensive but under-utilized feel-good modes of transportation. However, “the current half-cent sales tax is ‘unable to sustain’ the current transit plan.”

Now, if this were you or I, we would figure that we needed to trim our budget. Not the government, oh no! They go for a tax hike, that, if I’m remembering their current sales tax rate correctly, works out to 6%.

I wonder if I told my employer that I’m unable to sustain my current lifestyle if they would give me a 6% pay raise?

1 thought on “Government-think at the local level

  1. You know I might go along with this tax,if they would run the rails to middle of Lake Norman.We could give a the crooks in the General Assembly from Ral. and the rest of the govermement idiots a one way trip to the middle of the lake.

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