Don’t tell me that “drunk driving checkpoints” are about getting drunks off the road

Not when a local paper reports on a checkpoint where only 2 arrests were made for drunk driving but 36 other citations were issued.

And definitely not when groups other than the local police were involved. The laundry list includes:

In addition to Thomasville police officers, also on hand were officers from the Lexington Police Department, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and troopers from the N.C. Highway Patrol. Officers from the N.C. Department of Correction’s Office of Probation & Parole participated as did representatives of the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office, the Thomasville Rescue Squad, Davidson County Emergency Medical Services, the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office and the Davidson County Magistrate’s Office.

Anarcho-tyranny at its finest. Thanks for all that hard work, protecting us from drunk drivers. Glad you had time to work it into your busy schedule. I hope the income covered all the overtime costs.

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