Aw-w-w…you remembered!

Boy howdy did you remember! Incumbents across the country have been voted out, and in the US House a new sheriff has come to town. Here in California East, the NC House and Senate are in the hands of the Republicans for the first time in 112 years. (I hope Gov. Dimples crapped every pair of panties she owns last night.)

And while this is a cause for celebration, let’s remember that the US Senate is still in the hands of the statists and the White House is still in the hands of President Hope-n-Change. The Poeple’s Autonomous Collective Media Factory is still in the hands of the same syncophantic bunch. They aren’t gone, just in shock. As always, they’ll be back up to their old tricks very soon.

Let’s also remember that the Republicans, for all the new faces, are still the Stupid Party until they prove otherwise. We’ll need to keep the new folks on track and the old folks scared.

We’ve won a battle, not the war. The sun came up over a changed landscape, but the same old situation. Keep on ’em, and remember the 2012 campaign starts now.

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