The bottom feeders lose one

It would seem that, in at least one part of the court system, common sense holds sway.
Righthaven, the company that scours the Web for copies ofLas Vegas Review Journalstories and then sues the posters for mad cash and their domain names, has hit a small bump on the copyright lawsuit superhighway. A federal judge has just tossed one of its many cases because the posting was a “fair use.”

I hope a lot more judges see things the same way. For those of you who are being sued by Righthaven (*spit*), remember the term “barratry”. It just might work for you too.

I wonder if this might work against the RIAA as well? Hm-m-m….

1 thought on “The bottom feeders lose one

  1. Shiny. Precedent is set. Hands are slapped. And maybe the idiots will start reconsidering their tactics.

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