I have to bend over how far?

Debate on the question “Is an expired tax cut the same as a tax increase?” aside, I found this nifty little calculator that will tell you just how much extra you’ll have to cough up to Uncle Sugar if the “Bush Tax Cuts” are allowed to expire. Read it and weep.

Now, as a real world example, allow me to explain just how higher taxes kill jobs. Because of asthma, Mrs. Freeholder can’t help clean the house or be in the house while it’s cleaned. At least, not if I don’t want to take her to the emergency room after we finish. So, for many years, I have employed a nice lady and her daughter to clean our house. They do an excellent job and I love them both to death.

In order to make up the money that I will lose to the Feral Government in taxes, she and her daughter will lose that job. I have no choice; it’s the last bill I can jetison that will raise that much cash.

Folks, this isn’t rocket science. You don’t need a degree from Harvard or Yale to figure this stuff out. Whether intentionally or from stupidity, those in control in Washington are going to drive this country into the ground if we don’t bodily toss them out. The election is November 2. Get out there and do your part to save a job or two.

1 thought on “I have to bend over how far?

  1. never overlook the possibility of intentionally and stupidity… I really think they can do both at once…

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