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Hyperinflation and how it might start. Be sure to read carefully the part about “how it will happen”. I don’t grant the author a crystal ball, and I suspect there are many roads that lead to that place. But it’s worth noting just how fast we could go from here (mild deflation) to there (hyperinflation). While I’m hardly a financial expert, I do know enough to be able to say that it really could happen as he says, and just that fast.

The take-away is that, in all probability, you will not have time to “stock up” as so many people seem to think they will have. First, there is the simple fact that if everyone tried to stock up at the same time the stores would be empty. Ever seen a grocery store when a hurricane or a big snowstorm was predicted? Yeah.

Second, you may well not have the days/weeks of warning that most people inexplicably expect to have before a drastic “Change” event occurs. While financial meltdown is the current bogeyman, I can think of several other scenarios that could hit just as fast, with likelihoods ranging from terrorist attack to large meteor impact.

If your going to prepare, do it now. The last place you need to be if the financial SHTF in the middle of the day is in a store with a bunch of panicky people who have been caught flat-footed and are trying desperately to buy enough food to “ride it out”.

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