Offensive? Slanderous? Funny as hell? Painful truth?

(Originally story found on Drudge)

It would seem that Democrats and some Tea Partiers alike have their undies in a big sweaty wad over a billboard in Iowa featuring pictures of Hitler, Obama and Lenin. It seems that the Democrats believe that it going to do a lot of good for the Democrats (reasoning unspecified) while some of the Tea party folks at the national level (I didn’t know the Tea Party was that organized, but I digress) seem to think it’s a waste of money and a general bad idea. One Tea Party spokesdroid who apparently slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night says it’s “slanderous” (I’m not sure about his legal qualifications to render that opinion, but again I digress).

Somehow, they’re all getting tied up in two of the three pictures and missing that umpteen point text at the bottom of the billboard: “RADICAL LEADERS PREY ON THE FEARFUL & NAIVE”. All of those pictured, plus a lot of others any marginal student of history could name, are poster boys for that statement.

OK, if that doesn’t work for you, let’s try it this way:

Is that any more palatable? No? OK, let’s try this fellow:

Starting to get the picture? Radical leaders prey on the fearful and naive. When times are bad, they spring up like mushrooms after a rain. We should all beware of them. All of them.

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