“It’s a right some want to protect”

I’d like to think that everyone would want to protect all of our rights, but I’m under no delusion that that’s true. More’s the pity….

It’s nothing for 21-year-old Jay Jay Eldridge to strap his .40-caliber handgun to his right hip, whether it’s to go eat a barbecue plate at Stamey’s or just stroll down the street.

Eldrige is a open carry advocate who walks the talk. He was interviewed as a lead in to the real story, which is a Restore the Constitution rally to be held August 14 at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park in Greensboro, NC. Given recent changes in the law, it will now be legal for anyone who legally posses a gun to carry it in the park (though not inside a building, if I understand correctly).

On the whole, it’s a well-balanced article, in keeping with the News-Record’s history on firearms. (Yours truly was memorialized in one such article many years ago.) I’m not sure how that’s happend–a major media outlet that can simply report on the gun thing–but it’s kind of refreshing to see.

If you’re in the area, you might want to visit the park on August 14 and see freedom in action.

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