Definitely time to bring them home

I am now officially over the war in Afghanistan. Leave word with Karzai and the rest that if they get out of line, we’re going to come back and deliver another beatdown, but this time without any helping hand after.

The top U.S. war commander in Afghanistan told an interviewer he felt betrayed by the man the White House chose to be his diplomatic partner, Ambassador Karl Eikenberry.

Surprise, surprise. An Obama appointment that is performing at a lower level than needed. Chicago politics rides again!

But here’s the truly rich part:

McChrystal himself is described by an aide as “disappointed” in his first Oval Office meeting with an unprepared President Barack Obama. The article says that although McChrystal voted for Obama, the two failed to connect from the start. Obama called McChrystal on the carpet last fall for speaking too bluntly about his desire for more troops.

He may be a General in the US Army, but the guy is an idiot. Guess what, General–you got exactly what you voted for–and you got it good and hard. No sympathy here. Suck it up and learn from your mistake.

This war is done–stick a fork in it. Bring our troops home now before we loose more. Stop blowing blood and treasure on a war that there is no real intent to win.

No more Vietnams” my ass. We haven’t learned a single thing, it seems.

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