Judge for yourself

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The Intertubz is buzzing with the “ZOMG!!! Hit punched her in the face!” story of a Seattle cop who punched a 17 year old girl in the face while he was trying to arrest her friend. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

All things considered, I’d say he showed admirable restraint. I’m relatively sure that most cops would have went up the continuum of force a lot further than this one did. I’m amazed that Miss “Get the F off of me” didn’t meet Mr. Tazer or Mr. Mace.

2 thoughts on “Judge for yourself

  1. We all know how the game is played… we don't know what happened BEFORE the video started to cause the officer to place her under arrest. He is dealing with 2 beligerant females, and an ever growing crowd of hostile 'friends.' No doubt the female in question is already planning her multimillion dollar lawsuit, and odds are she'll get a hefty out of court settlement- which we pay for.
    My question is, where is his backup? I'd hate to be on a call like that alone!
    And yeah, I'd have tazed her ass pretty quick. I'm just not that patient.

  2. He had a powder keg on his hands. I didn't see any backup. If he had tazered or maced her, he might have had a riot on his hands. Personally, I think he should have slammed her head into the hood of his car a few times to get her attention.

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