“Yes I Can”

The smartest guy in the room is apparently getting smarter. Just because the first two months of his administration’s response to the Deepwater Horizon drilling accident makes the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina look like the model of a well-run government operation…bah! Just wave your hands, Great One, and it will all get better.

Voicing increasing confidence in his ability to confront the nation’s worst environmental crisis, Obama was set to outline a comprehensive response and recovery program, while assuring not only the people from the afflicted region, but all across America, that his administration will guide the country to a recovery.

I wonder if he’ll do any better with this crisis than he’s doing with the economy?

1 thought on ““Yes I Can”

  1. The entire thing is looking more and more like a very bad James Bond plot… using an accident (?) to facilitate a huge government power grab…

    I keep hoping I'll wake up soon and it will have been a bad dream. But it isn't. And the only way it will go away is when good men stand up and take back what is ours.

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