But if we do it harder and faster this time…

…it’s just bound to work!

With the Korean Peninsula on the brink of war, a major U.S. Military surge in Afghanistan, and a nuclear treaty that undermines the United States’ ability to defend itself, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is concerning herself with… America’s taxes?

That’s right. Diplomat-in-Chief Clinton yesterday said that the U.S. tax rate isn’t high enough and that we should strive to become more like Brazil:

Can someone not tell this woman to shut her pie hole? I mean, for crying out loud, why would we want to be like Brazil? As is noted further along in the article,

According to Heritage’s Index of Economic Freedom, Brazil’s economy is ranked 113th in the world, among “mostly unfree” nations. It charts below regional and world averages, and its GDP is one-tenth the size of the United States.’ Despite its otherwise poor record, Brazil is experiencing a nice spurt of economic growth, thanks mostly to monetary stimulus injected during the recent financial crisis, and its future prospects look good, as well, thanks to expectations of rapid increases in offshore oil production.

Yeah, let’s be even less free than we appear to be targeting now. Woo-hoo, I’m all for that! Not.

I could, however, reach out to her on the subject of increased offshore oil production. Reach out and smack her for not being in favor of it years ago.

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