He calls it a “box of happiness”

I call it a box of preps–introducing the Ramenbox. If you don’t want the poor college student reminiscences, then just go straight to the source.

And before you turn up your nose at the word “ramen”, let me point out to you that a couple of packages of this stuff, with some leftover meat thrown into the pot and a veggie on the side is one hellaciously quick, easy and cheap family meal. Nothing to be sneezed at during an economic downturn–or a time when a hot meal is difficult to come by. A guy I think highly of calls things like this “peasant tech”, and it’s how the truly poor have made do for centuries.

Squirrel-ramen soup, anyone?

3 thoughts on “He calls it a “box of happiness”

  1. I've been buying cases of Ramen noodles at Sam's club very cheap of late, and stashing a few here and there. The only down side to them is the salt content-it's horrible. But you can forgo the 'flavor packet' and lessen that somewhat- I've had good luck using home made spagetti sauce, or other replacements. Of course, in an emergency, that salt content could be a very good thing.

  2. … Wow.

    That is simply awesomeness beyond description. A little expensive, but still awesome.

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