This crisis couldn’t possibly be our fault

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Greece is considering taking legal action against U.S. investment banks that might have contributed to the country’s debt crisis, Prime Minister George Papandreou said.

No, it couldn’t possibly be decades of neo-Socialsim. It couldn’t be the fact that a bloated government bureaucracy allows its functionaries to retire at an age when most Americans believe they are just hitting their stride. And it couldn’t be that taxes are so high that the unofficial national sport is avoiding them in any way possible.

Nah, it must be speculators, greedy bankers and e-e-evil capitalists. That’s it!

Over the weekend I was reading a note on one of the email reflectors I’m subscribed to. In regards to Europe, one person was noting that one of his offspring had worked hard, saved money and was going to take a trip to Europe for their high school graduation. This parent has already discussed the situation in Europe with the kid, and the kid understands that the trip may have to be delayed or canceled outright for their own safety. The comment at the end of the message was to the effect that “it feels like May, 1939” in Europe.

Indeed. Enjoy that last coffee at the sidewalk cafe, and hurry back to your flat to pack your bags. It’s time to leave for a more peaceful clime.

And for us, it’s May, 1939 as well. Those clouds over the far horizon will eventually be over our heads, and the rain will be just as hard on us as them. As America did on the eve of World War II, some far-sighted individuals will start getting ready for what is coming. Are you going to be one of them?

3 thoughts on “This crisis couldn’t possibly be our fault

  1. The question is, where do we go? As Renoldus Magnus said, we are the city on the hill… if freedom dies in America, there is no other 'new world' to run to.

    We stand and fight, or choose between living as slaves or death. It's as simple as that. And soon.

  2. My point exactly. The Russian aristocracy fled the revolution, the Jews/intelligensia/etc fled Nazi Germany, so on and so forth. What do they have in common?

    They lost their countries.

    We are the people who see those clouds on the horizon for what they are. Not a gentle spring rain that will make the gardens grow, but the leading edge of a hurricane that will destroy everything in front of it that isn't prepared.

    So put up the plywood, get the water and batteries and canned soup, and get ready. It's coming. We can't tell how bad or for how long, and we surely can't tell the outcome. But it's coming.

  3. There are not particularly good things going on with the Euro. Greece is definitely having some issues. I would strongly suggest avoiding Greece all together. However the rest of Europe is just fine.

    I was driving around Germany today and it is totally normal. Don't believe the hype.

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