Didja notice

That the overheated stories about Democrats being “threatened” in the wake of the passage of the health care socialization bill abruptly disappeared after it was pointed out that every story read like it was taken from the same script?

Oh wait…. 🙂

1 thought on “Didja notice

  1. It's also been pointed out there is zero evidence to support even the faintest of claims. Seen any videos yet? Phone recordings? Interviews laced with profanity? (Joe Biden doesn't count.)

    Guess what, kids: it didn't happen. Even when Pelosi tried her best to provoke it with that in-your-face parade carrying the huge gavel. That was suposed to give them the photo op of hate-filled rednecks for the 'morning after' distraction, but it didn't work- because conservatives don't act like left-wing lunatics.

    Don't worry, though- I'm sure the libs will stage a very convincing fake protest soon. Very soon.

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