Fee-ation without representation

Well, I can’t call it taxation, because it isnt’ a tax, exactly.

The University of North Carolina Board of Governors on Friday cleared the way for football at UNC Charlotte.

The board approved a systemwide package of tuition and fees that included a new athletic fee to help fund a 49ers football program.
I don’t have a problem with football at UNCC. But if I were a parent of a kid at another one of the UNC System schools, I’d be pretty PO’d that I was paying for an athletic program at a school my kid didn’t attend–and that I had no say-so about it and no way to opt out; other than removing my kid from the entire system (which, by the way, all NC citizens help finance through their taxes).

I am so glad I have been able to send Daughter to a private school. It has its own issues to be sure, but at least they aren’t bullshit ones like this.

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