Now I get it

OK, so I kinda-sorta watched our Leader make his speech last night. I remain unimpressed. Others have thoroughly addressed the multiple issues that the speech had, so no sense in wasting your time with that. Let’s just say that it was “vintage Obama”–long on style, short on substance and plenty of blame to go around for everyone but Obama.

But what is funny was the intense sense of deja vu during the speech. I had seen this before, somewhere. Then it finally struck me. In an earlier post, I had mentioned the disturbing similarities some aspects of our current situation have to Fascist Italy (among other entertaining places). Then it stuck me:

I can see the family resemblance now.

1 thought on “Now I get it

  1. Yep, he isn't Hitler, but Mussolini.

    He is a progressive facist, and like Saul Alinsky said, when you are in trouble put the gas peddle down and give it more gas.

    This man is trying to bring us down, then replace it with a progressive utopia.

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