T minus…

…some amount until the special election in Massachusetts. Polls show Brown is leading Coakley by as much as 15 % and various Democrat power brokers are threatening every thing from outright cheating to every possible maneuver to slow down the seating of Brown should he win. Senate Democrats apparently are in a panic and are trying to force their health care “reform” bill through while they still can–and trying to find a way to do it if they lose that all-important 60th vote.

Republicans, on the other hand, are salivating at the possibility of giving Obama and his merry band of hope-n-changers a bloody nose and are actually doing a good job at not acting as stupidly as they have in earlier elections.

In a day or so, we’re going to see either A) the leftist statists trumpeting that their agenda is “the will of the people” and that they have a “mandate for change” or B) the rightest statists trumpeting that “Change is dead”, Obama is a lame duck and that their return to power is all but a done deal. Oh yeah, and health care “reform” is dead–unless they can turn it to their political advantage.

Now, me being me, I hope Brown wins, but I’m not too sure that it will make that much difference in the long run. Even if he is some sort of “New Republican Man” who actually does more than pay campaign lip service to the concepts of personal responsibility and very limited government, he’s fighting a very entrenched group within the Republican Party who believe in neither.

We’ll see what happens, now won’t we?

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