*sniff* *sniff*

Do I smell something…musty? Dusty? Sort of an ‘old’ smell?

With the congressional GOP poised for a comeback in the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats are dusting off an old playbook, using George W. Bush as their boogeyman and castigating Republicans as cozy with Wall Street.

Now, the last time I checked, Bush has been out of office for almost a year and the Republicrats are no more or less buddies with the Wall Street crowd than the Democans. I thought the God King Obama was going to come in and wave his magic wand and fix everything?

Maybe he needs to get that mojo working, rather than letting it vacation in Hawaii. Or better yet, maybe the Democrats and the Republicans need to cowboy up, admit that it’s the utterly bankrupt policies of both parties that have utterly bankrupted the country, and see if they can’t start figuring a way out of this that doesn’t include a return to living conditions approximating those of 17th century Europe.

Of course since that would involve admissions of guilt and incompetence, careful and reasoned thought, the setting aside of politics for the common good, tightening the ol’ belt, ruthless cutting of pork and so on, it will never happen.

Stock up on shotguns and canned foods now!

1 thought on “*sniff* *sniff*

  1. Got plenty of both, plus silver and gold. Next year is going to be a rough ride for this country. Just pray we make it to 2011,and beyond.

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