Because it’s easier, you know, than stopping terrorists

The Department of Homeland Stupidity Security is peeved that someone almost immediately leaked a memo about increased air travel security theater after the Underwear Bomber was thwarted in Detroit.

In pursuit of the culprit, they’re threatening bloggers.

And a question to the lawyers out there–Since when did some bureaucratic dick at Too Stupid for Arby’s (I don’t give a crap if said dick is the head honcho) get the right to subpoena anything? I thought that was for Congress and the courts.

Given the nature of this post, do ya’ll think I need to put out a welcome mat for any possible guests?

1 thought on “Because it’s easier, you know, than stopping terrorists

  1. Of course they are, because using force against the law abiding is easier than stopping the criminals who are trying to kill us.

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