Well, that’s nice

It seems that Haloscan, who I’ve used for commenting on the blog since, oh…like dirt, has sold itself to new owners. No problem with that. It happens.

What I do have a problem with is that the new owners, in their quest to monitize their purchase, has given all us Haloscan users 2 weeks to convert to a new system called Echo that seems to have some issues (read the comments to that link above) or die. I would have paid the $10 a year if the stuff actually worked. Given the number of complaints with the Echo service that I was able to Google up, I decided I’d rather donate the ten spot to a local charity, and chose to export my comments and physically extract Haloscan from the blog (It’s easy, instructions are here.)

Unfortunately, I can’t import those 774 comments into Blogger. Lovely. This pisses me off, but not enough to leave Blogger, since it would break all the linkies to me, thus making me effectively fall off the face of the blogosphere.

grumble, grumble, grumble

2 thoughts on “Well, that’s nice

  1. Is it possible to set up dns forwarding to a new location and then work on getting all of the links reset to the new address over time.

  2. Actually, you could have exported the comments but that's very tricky. First, you need to make a python script so to get all comments on your hard drive. Now you have them, you can make scripts to automatically post it on your blog, but the reason i didn't added it was, first haloscan would at first block you, then since they have blocked you, it is not possible to determine which comment belongs to which post.

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