Calling Bullshit! on the gun banners

Michael “I Hate Guns” Bloomberg has “persuaded” two New York Congresscritters to introduce a bill to give the ATF 1500 more agents. Why? As Senator Kirsten Gillibrand tells us:

Because right now, they only have the capability to check gun dealers once every 7-20 years, literally. It is so outrageous.

What I find outrageous is Senator Gillibrand’s quick and apparently thorough co-option by the power structure in DC. At one time, she was considered pro-gun (the NRA gave her an “A” rating, FWIW), but now that she has entrenched herself in the Senate, it would seem that she knows who buttered her bread.

I also find it outrageous that a sitting US Senator will lie. Yes, I know I shouldn’t, especially in a day when their colleagues will whore themselves out for a measly $300 million, but I do. FFLs are audited every 7-20 years? In what bizarre plane of reality? Both of the ones I know personally are audited every year–and not because they’re doing a bad job at record keeping. I hear it is much the same for most FFLs.

I have this sense that the leftists feel that their time is short. Their Obamessiah has lost his Golden Calf luster and his momentum. Their “health care reform” is beginning to falter while “cap our trade” has been brought up short by the beginnings of the collapse of the global warming religion (link via Drudge). The time they have to ram their agenda down our throats is getting short, and we’re going to see a lot more attempts to make it happen, whether by a frontal assault or, like this, via the back door.

Those of us who love our freedoms and who love our country are going to have to step it up several notches. We’re going to have to spend a lot of time keeping informed and using that information to inform others. If you blog, you need to be active and talk these things up. Mention them in any forums you participate in. Talk to your friends and family. Work hard not only to defeat them now, but in November, 2010 and November 2012.

Remember, we have to win every battle. They only have to win one.

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