Screw Duke

I’ve been a fan of Duke University (no linky love; reason to follow) for years, even though it’s not my alma mater. I fell in love with the place when visiting a friend back in the early 80s. I always thought the place was a true class act, especially when it came to “student athletes”, who were indeed students first and athletes second. This was quite different from my experience with athletics at public universities. I’ve always harbored the dream that I might one day try for the MBA program at Fuqua.

The Duke Lacrosse exercise in jumping to conclusions and demonizing the innocent gave me pause, but I was willing to write it of as an aberration. Silly me.

What I hope becomes known as the “Clair Watkins Incident” incenses me. In my opinion, Duke has, in essence, taken advantage of a young woman and then left her at the alter. In my opinion, even though no rules were broken, the Duke women’s basketball program needs a through housecleaning of the coaching staff. In my opinion, if this is how their ethics work, they should easily find a job in athletics at a public university, where their talents will be appreciated.

Because in one egregious incident, they’ve wrecked one young woman’s dreams.

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